Are you looking for a place to talk freely, discuss your options? Do you feel unsupported in life? Do you have some thing you don't feel like family or friends will understand and need to talk with some one? Have you chosen to change your life path? I am here to listen and be supportive. I will help you view the other possibilities available to you. I believe that integration of services for behavioral health and substance use disorders is key to an individual’s successful life path. I believe that feeling safe, comfortable and building trust are key to a therapeutic relationship.
Contact Nicole Flannery MS, CSAC
414.301.1518 OR [email protected]
217 Wisconsin Ave. Suite 114 Waukesha, WI
1845 N. Farwell Ave. #303A  Milwaukee, WI 53202

Appointments are avaliable
Monday through Saturday.
I work with teens, adults and veterans: dual diagnosis clients, addiction, depression, anxiety and trauma survivors. I am an integrated counselor, focusing on your individual strengths and personal goals. We will work as a team to help you succeed. I believe that everything is inner connected; your addiction, mental and medical health affect your mind, body and spirit. We cannot neglect one for the other.

I will provide long term maintenance care, while you are provided the highest level of respect and privacy.

Remember I can be your support but it is your Choice 2 Change.